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Order: Rack Colocation Dallas, Can Deploy within 24 Hours

Rack space inside our SSAE 16 Dallas data center with 24/7/365 access and remote hands. Both our full racks and our 1/2 racks meet all enclosure requirements towards PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) Compliance.
Power Drop
1amp at 208V provides almost double the amount of power as 1amp at 120V. 208V allows higher power density, e.g. a server drawing 1amp on 120V would use approximately 0.55amps on 208V. Thus 30amps 208V allows you to rack almost twice as many servers as 30amps 120V (assuming your servers are high enough density to use the power within the space).
Network Uplink
Choose the media type and speed of your uplink(s).
Bandwidth Commit
Bandwidth is billed on a 95th percentile basis with overages charged at $4/mbit. Choose your bandwidth commit below at $0.30/mbit.
Network Switch
Provide your own switch, or rent a managed switch from us with a 2-hour hardware replacement SLA with a full spare switch kept onsite. When choosing a managed switch option management of your switch is conducted by Juniper Networks certified Incero staff.
Cross Connects
If you wish to connect to other carriers instead of or as well as using Incero bandwidth you may purchase a cross connect. You do not need to purchase a cross connect for Incero bandwidth. For multiple cross connects simply detail what you need on the checkout page in the notes section.
IP Addresses
IPv4 pricing is below. IPv6 can be ordered from our customer portal after your product is deployed.
IPv6 Addresses
IPv6 can be ordered now or added at a later date if you don't currently use IPv6. A /48 subnet size provides 1,208,925,819,614,629,174,706,176 addresses.
IPMI / KVM / ILO / DRAC Firewall
We will install a switch on a firewalled uplink within your rack to connect all your out of band devices to. We will also supply an IP address for each device. You can manage the firewall in our customer portal to whitelist IPs, when you login to our customer portal your IP is also automatically whitelisted.
Network Level Security Filters
These security filters are implemented on our core network firewall, eliminating malicious traffic before it even reaches your server's uplink. This can prevent packetloss due to link saturation and reduce server load caused by high software firewall usage.
DDoS Protection
DDoS protection is implemented before your network uplink, which can help prevent your port being flooded. If an attack exceeds your purchased protection level the IP address being targetted will be null routed. We can implement custom DDoS protection solutions with our onsite scrubbing devices, contact us for details.
Remote Hands
We offer FREE hotswap remote hands for all colocation customers in Dallas 5 days per week and paid hands with guaranteed response times for urgent issues 7 days per week.
Contract Term
Lock in with an extended contract for peace of mind. Compare our inflation-like escalations to others who increase your rate by 30% at renewal. All contracts of 12 months or longer include 30 days free server racking service.

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