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Order: Giga, Enterprise Server, 2N Power

Setup Fee
Reduce your monthly costs with an optional setup fee. The setup fee is used to offset some of our initial hardware costs, allowing us to offer a lower monthly fee. We will reject the order if the final monthly price is under $149.
Data Center
Choose which data center you would like your server deployed in. Choosing a data center closer to your target audience can increase performance (reduce page load times, reduce latency, etc). Our Dallas #2 data center is over 100,000 sqft and boasts amazing economies of scale, resulting in lower pricing for our customers.
The CPU plays a key role in determining how many visitors your website or application can handle, and how quickly the server responds to requests.
RAM is used by the operating system automatically to cache the mostly frequently accessed data on your server. More RAM results in more cache and faster response times for your website or application.
Redundant Power Feeds
For 100% uptime this server is fed by diverse UPS (2N) and diverse (2N) generators. No expense has been spared with our power deployment in our data centers.
Hardware RAID Controller
Hardware RAID is suggested for providing increased performance and drive fault tolerance, keeping your server online even if a drive fails. Highly skilled administrators may choose to save costs by using software RAID instead. Rebuilding a degraded hardware RAID array is largely automated and hassle free, whereas rebuilding a software RAID array can be extremely complex. Hardware RAID controllers also indicate which drive has failed on the exterior of the server so that the drive can be replaced/hot-swapped without any downtime for your server/sites.
Drive Bay 1
SSD drives are typically much faster than all spinning drives. Traditional spinning drives are still favored for mass storage. If you need more drive bays than are listed please contact us. Zero drives is an option intended only for expert users whom will run a LiveCD OS and make use of a RAM disk, e.g. VPN providers, CDN providers, etc.
Drive Bay 2
Drive Bay 3
Drive Bay 4
Drive Bay 5
Drive Bay 6
Drive Bay 7
Drive Bay 8
Private Network
This is an additional NIC to connect to other servers on our network via a private LAN.
Premium Bandwidth
We operate a highly redundant 100% Juniper network, with each switch connected with multiple 10 gigabit uplinks.
IP Addresses
IPv4 pricing is below. IPv6 can be ordered from our customer portal after your product is deployed.
Network Level Security Filters
These security filters are implemented on our core network firewall, eliminating malicious traffic before it even reaches your server's uplink. This can prevent packetloss due to link saturation and reduce server load caused by high software firewall usage.
Operating System
We can install the following operating systems, however you can install your own via the free KVM with virtual media if we do not offer what you're looking for (e.g. Windows).
Control Panel
We suggest that you contact us to determine a suitable management plan for you, or if you're an expert go with the unmanaged no cost option.
If you require certain compliance services choose them here. By default all servers are housed in PCI-DSS compliant locking cabinets, inside a secure data center.

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