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Order: Single Server Colocation

Data Center
Choose which data center you would like your server deployed in. Choosing a data center closer to your target audience can increase performance (reduce page load times, reduce latency, etc). Our Dallas #2 data center is over 100,000 sqft and boasts amazing economies of scale, resulting in lower pricing for our customers.
Cabinet Space
The number of rack units that your server requires. Please contact us if you require a rack or cage. Multiple Us are for a single device/server only. If you need to rack multiple devices you must order multiple times, or purchase a rack or cage.
The peak amount of power that your server will draw. Typically the number of 120V amps needed is close to the U size of the server, where a 1U server would need 1 amp and a 4U server would need 4 amps. We will measure the usage before racking. If you are unsure of your power needs just select the 1amp single or redundant power feed option.
Premium bandwidth blend. 100mbit and 1gigabit ports are provided on cat5e copper. 10gigabit ports are MMF LC fiber optic.
Private Network
This is an additional NIC to connect to other servers on our network via a private LAN.
IP Addresses
IPv4 pricing is below. IPv6 can be ordered from our customer portal after your product is deployed.
Network Level Security Filters
These security filters are implemented on our core network firewall, eliminating malicious traffic before it even reaches your server's uplink. This can prevent packetloss due to link saturation and reduce server load caused by high software firewall usage.
Add-on 1U Device
You may send an additional 1U device (such as firewall or switch). We will supply an additional power plug for this device. This option can not be used to send an additional server.
Dedicated IPMI / KVM / DRAC / ILO Port (Required)
All servers colocated with Incero must have integrated IPMI/KVM, DRAC, ILO, or other out of band access to reduce the need for remote hands services. However, paid remote hands services are available 24/7.
Contract Term
Lock in with an extended contract for peace of mind. Compare our inflation-like escalations to others who increase your rate by 30% at renewal. All contracts of 12 months or longer include 30 days free server racking service.
Server Shipping

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